Friday, September 2, 2011

getting creative with TRENCHES

Biker-trench, or these mixed-fabric trenches have been around since Burberry introduced them over a year ago. I like that they introduce a bit of toughness to the otherwise lady trench. Make sure you scroll down until the end! 

First, here are some inspirations: 


I saw this tutorial on two-tone biker jackets, 

But if you can't shell out two grand for the real thing, or don't want to destroy your jackets, Forever21 and H&M has these sleeveless trenches, it'd be a great idea to wear them over a leather jackets. Both to save money and give yourself more flexibility during the course of the day. You can also wear them over T-shirts or shirts for a more casual look. I got this at F21 for about $35, I think with the varieties of looks you will get, this is well worth it. 

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