Saturday, September 24, 2011


Every fall I look for new knitwear. 

This is what come to my mind when i think of the perfect knit = feather soft, nude pink, complete with silk and fur.

This year, the trend I really want to try is the chunky professor knit (complete with elbow patch and color blend wool). p.s. saw them at H&M already, just in case u r interested. but of course out of my size.  Story of my life.

Anyways, here are some things to keep in mind: 

1) go thicker 

I try avoid the paradox of a flimsy knit. Look at how structured the sweater looks, sturdy and grey, goes well with all the leather on the bottom half and military boots. 

Aforementioned flimsy look. 
Don't get me wrong, I love this outfit, especially the colour palette here. Just not the thickness of this sweater. 

See? Thick.

2) go colour. 

How adorable is this look? The braided blonde hair, complementary green, lace. She looks like she should belong in the forest rather than NYFW. 

Don't you love when you see something on the fashion radar, and you already own it? 
Happy to report I am the proud owner of this pink sweater. Going to wear it with neutral dress pants just like this. 

3) go shorter.  

Since I'm short, I avoid anything that make me look shorter and frumpy. Easiest way to do that? choose shorter garments, and pair it with short skirts/shorts, then adding tights for winter. 

4) and for my tall girls, go longer. 

 I love how lady-like these two looks are. Floor length pleats, cozy knit, laid-back attitude.

One last picture, just because I love the combination of orange&grey so much these days. I'm even considering getting an orange/coral sweater just b/c I love the shade so much. 

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