Saturday, August 20, 2011

TREND I'M NOT SO SURE ABOUT: open shoulder top

 One style that's popping up everywhere is the open shoulder top, I'm still on the fence about this, sometimes it works, other times it's terrible. 

Good example: this is the right kind of material, just enough drape, and the colour combination here is fantastic, so great for summer. But then again, with looks like Olivia u can never go wrong.

olivia palermo
Positive example: the thing that saved this look for me is the neckline. Makes the top much more structured and upscale. This is totally cocktail appropriate and so much better compared off-the-shoulder white top girls in trashy bars wear.
This is treading into unsure territory, I like the idea of jazzing up the blue shirt, and the collar is very unique too, I guess.  

Bad example: too much fabric. The high contrast b/w bag and pants is great, but the brown top is kind of meddling it. 

What do you think? Will you be trying this trend this summer? 

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