Tuesday, August 23, 2011

TREND TO TRY: bow-tie collar

I'm going to do a bow-tie VS. peter-pan collar VS. contrast collar. But there are so many pictures, so I'm going to split this post into 3.

First comes bow-tie collar. I love this look because it is collegiate and chic, very appropriate for school and work. It is the easiest of the three, because you can customize it with any kind of fabric, string or tie you find around the house, which give you much more freedom in terms of texture and colour. Here are some looks that are inspirational for me:

You can have a traditional tie look, isn't the little pearl at the end just adorable? Total Queen B 
(ps. I have been looking forever for a shirt in this criss-cross plaid fabric, let me know if you can find one!) 

Or man's bow tie

Butterfly bow
skinny butterfly bow:

Play with colour: 
I love the earthy tone of this outfit, the blazer, the bag and a touch of gold. 
Play with texture
ever so stylish Camilla Belle

Play with size: This is a bit dramatic for real life, but I love the softness of chiffon with black, almost metallic black blazer. So cool. 

Or, add a bit of personal touch. Notice it's a lace tie instead of traditional fabric? so creative! 
Great colour combination here again. (and if you follow my blog, you will know I'm a big fan of playing with colour and constrast) 

Miroslava Duma

everyone's favourite Swede: Frida Gustavsson

Notice the trend here: yes, bow-tie and structured blazer/jacket. Keyword: geek chic (do kids still use this word nowadays?)

Finally, a winter look. 

Have you tried this look? 

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  1. ooo such an interesting trend. Might have to try it! Thanks for the tips!