Thursday, November 24, 2011

Burgundy - a lazy & extremely picture-heavy post

This is an extremely late post about burgundy, but I have accumulated such a big inspirational folder just for one colour ,i thought i'd post it anyway.

Burgundy really is the new black this season. Why?

It goes with everything, and has the magical ability to add a pop of colour to neutrals while toning down the rest.

It goes with white, black, beige, grey, navy, green, mustard, jean blue, silver, lace, velvet, fur, leather, shearling, leopard, plaid, polka dots, and even gold shimmer. 

Prepare yourself for a sea of pictures... starting now:

Picture references: a go-go fashion, fashiontoast, chicmuse, sartorialist, lookbook, my daily style, themanrepeller, etc

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  1. love the burgundy style, nice website, fun ideas
    Check mine out if your interested