Friday, November 25, 2011

Flakie Nails

Finally got a new camera, and I can start putting up more original material. I always wonder who's behind the lens in those fashion blogs, do they just follow the bloggers around? and how can I get one for myself?

Anywho, nail of the day posts are so much easier. Here's one look I enjoy year round, nude base colour with tiny flakes. I'm using "Polished" from Revlon as base, and "Nubar2010" from Nubar as topcoat. I'm so happy with how the photo of bottle turned out.

this is picture taken with the old camera. 

Essie is also coming up with their version of the flakie topcoat called "Shine of the Times", from what I've read, it is a much denser packed bottle. I took these pictures from the internet, how gorgeous is this blue!

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